Annual Tuition Fee (Refunded by Quarter Only)

Single Payment due on August 1st or closest business day with a 2.5% discount. (Discount only applies if paid by August 1)  No processing fee.  Tuition is assessed quarterly.

Three Payments (July - November - March) There is an annual $55 processing fee required for this method.  Tuition is assessed quarterly.

Eleven Monthly Payments (July - May) using automatic transfer. There is an annual $55 processing fee required for this method.  Tuition is paid monthly but is assessed quarterly.

Tuition Policy

A statement of fees and a payment schedule will be received in early July. Payment of all fees and tuition must be made in a timely manner and according to one of the payment plans listed above.  In the event that tuition payments CANNOT be made in a timely manner, parents must contact the school office at the time payment becomes past due. If a child transfers during the year, tuition will be refunded or billed on a quarterly basis. (i.e., a child transferring in December would be responsible for 2 quarters of tuition.) A fee of $35 will be charged for late payments.

Overdue Tuition Policy

1. There will be a charge of thirty-five dollars ($35) for returned checks and auto payment returns.  (subject to change)
2. Payments will first be applied to all past due balances on record before being applied to current balances owed. This includes all payments for Hot Lunch.
3. Any and all requests for changes in tuition payments, payment intervals, deferments, refunds or tuition assistance must be submitted to the Business Administrator in writing five (5) days prior to the regular payment date.
4. If payment is not received within five (5) days of the due date, a late fee of thirty-five dollars ($35) will be charged.
5. The following steps will be taken in regards to delinquent financial accounts:

  • All families must be current in their payment of tuition according to the provisions of their selected payment agreement. If accounts are in arrears greater than 31 days the Business Administrator will reach out to that family to help them make a plan to become current. It is possible that a student may be asked to leave the school until the account is made current. In addition, students will not receive report cards, permanent records will not be released, and students will not be eligible to participate in graduation exercises.

  • Re-Enrollment applications will be placed on a Hold status until all balances are paid from the previous year. If payment is not possible, suitable arrangements must be made through the Business Office with the Business Administrator.

6. All requests for payment arrangements on school accounts must be submitted in writing and signed off on by the Business Administrator and all financially responsible parties.  Once signed, all provisions of a payment plan must be followed or account balances will become immediately due in full and action will be taken as outlined above.
7. All Hot Lunch charges for Chic-fil-A and Pizza days will be charged to the student’s Hot Lunch account, even if the student leaves before lunch that day.  
8. Enrollment in Summer Camp and before/ aftercare services will be suspended until account is current and paid as agreed.
9. Debts that remain outstanding will be turned over to a collection agency and will be reported to credit bureaus.