Principal's Message

Greetings!  My name is Julie Bourgeois.  I have been a part of St. Paul's Lutheran School's family since February of 1994.  During this time, I have worn many hats.  I started out substitute teaching, was then hired as the child care director.  After 3 years, I went back into the classroom where I taught science and math to the middle school students. Approximately 18 years ago, I accepted the offer to become the assistant principal, and now I am in my 4th year as the principal at St. Paul's.  

Thank you for taking the time to visit St. Paul's Lutheran School's website.  I am so pleased to be part of such an amazing community of people who are committed to the Lord, our students and their families.  I have witnessed first hand the love that each of our staff, church members, supporters, and volunteers have for the children in our school.  It is a day and age where the choice you make for your child's education can play a huge role in the character they display now as children and later as adults.  We strive for excellence in education and evaluate our practices, curriculum, and approaches often.  However, one thing has remained the same at St. Paul's - for the last 66 years - we teach the children about Jesus and the great love He has for all people.  He laid down his life for the sake of redeeming the world.  We can, therefore, go to His throne of grace daily and have a personal relationship with Him.

At St. Paul's Lutheran, all of our teachers are dedicated to ministering to children daily. Regardless of background, ability, ethnicity or any other factor, we love the children in our school and pray that God works through us to teach and lead them.  Our students participate in weekly chapel services, have religion daily, are prayed for hourly, and loved every minute.

Each year I marvel at the wonderful dedication our parents have for St. Paul's Community!  We at St. Paul's feel that we are in partnership with the families in the growth and education of the children they share with us year after year!  I invite you to come and visit us to see what St. Paul's Lutheran School is all about!  Won't you join us in our mission to bring up Christian leaders in the next generation?  

Your partner in Christian Education,
Julie Bourgeois, Principal