Our Staff

Principal: Christopher Conlon, B.A. in Natural Sciences, M.A. in Teaching 
Assistant Principal: Katie Isbister, B.S. in Psychology, M. Ed. In School Counseling 

Administrative Assistant II & Medical Technician: Krista Boyd
Administrative Assistant & Medical Technician: Gerri Barry
Nurse Supervisor: Jennifer Hunt, RN

P3A Teacher: Mary Heath, 90 Hr. Child Care Certification, 9 hours Communication, B.A. Business Marketing, Minor in Management, Master of Arts in Communication 

P3A Assistant: Deanna Hickey, B.S. Business Management, 90 hours Early Child Development

P4A Teacher: Valerie Berger, B.A. in  Elementary Education

P4A Assistant: Jenny Forsythe

P4B Teacher: Jessica Lindeman, B.A. Fine Arts, 90 hours Child Care Certification, 9 hours Communication

P4B Assistant: Erin Hostetter, B.S. Major in Biology, minor in Chemistry and English, Master's in Science Teaching.

KA  Teacher: Susan Maack, B.A. in Elementary Education Minor in Music, M. Ed. In Elementary Education

K  Assistant: Stacy Grimes, 90 hours Early Child Development Certification

KB Teacher: Melissa Riddle, B.S. in Elementary Education

K  Assistant: Stacy Grimes, 90 hours Early Child Development Certification

1B Teacher: Lisa McKnew, B.A. Sociology, M.A. in Education

1B Assistant: Kim Brown

2A Teacher: Linda Williams, B.A. in Early Childhood & Psychology Education

2A Assistant: Kim Brown

3A Teacher: Dee Quasny, B.A. in Psychology, Certificate of Early Childhood Education

4A Teacher: Beth Phillips, B.A. Elementary EducationM. Ed. in Early Childhood Education 

5A Teacher: Amanda Glover, B.A. in American Studies

6th Grade Teacher, 7th Grade Science, MS. Spanish, 6th Grade Religion:  Jana Umberger, B.S. in Biology, M. Ed. In Secondary Education 

7A Grade, 6th & 8th Grade Science, 7th Grade Religion, 8th Grade Math: Cherice Scurry, B.S. in Physics

7B Teacher, 6th & 8th Grade Language Arts, Student Support: Kripa Kelly, B.S. in Literature & Secondary Education, MSDE Certified 

7th Grade Teacher Language Arts, Math: Katie Isbister, B.S. in Psychology, M. Ed. In School Counseling, Additional Coursework in Education & Reading 

8A Teacher, MS Math: Anne Bynum, B.A. in Elementary Education 

Middle School Social Studies and 8th Grade Religion:  Margaret Smith, B.S. in Elementary Education, Graduate Credits in Elementary Administration  

Student Support: Kripa Kelly, B.S. in Literature & Secondary Education, MSDE Certified 

Art (Grades K-8): Anne Wells, Bachelor of Fine Arts

Music (Grades P3-2nd): Tiffany Wenck, B.A. in Music Therapy, Certificate in Vocal Performance 

Music (Grades 3-5 & Band): Tedd Griepentrog,  B.A. Fine Arts in Music EducationM.A. in Arts Administration

School Counselor: Amelia Noemer, B.A. Psychology & SpanishM.Ed. in School Counseling

Computer and STEM Instructor: Breinny Mosella, B.A. in Elementary Education with coursework in Computer Science, PLTW's Design & Modeling and Automation & Robotics

Physical Education (Grades K-8): Susan Lee, B.A. in Social Work, 90 Hours Early Childhood Education.

Home Ec. MS, Cooking and Kitchen Science:  Cherice Scurry, B.S. Physics 

Home Ec. Kitchen Science, Photography, SALT Elective, Photography:  Jana Umberger, B.S. in BiologyM.Ed. in Secondary Education 

Media Center: Shelley Donnelly, B.S. in Family & Consumer Science

Chapel Accompanist: Cynthia Barlock, Master of Divinity with a Minor in Piano Performance

Hot Lunch Coordinator: Mary Herrin
Hot Lunch Assistant: Dena Handy