Employment Opportunities

St. Paul's Lutheran School is currently seeking a full time Reading Specialist/Student Support Teacher.  Interested candidates should send resume to jbourgeois@stpaulsgb.org.  Below is the job description:

Job Description

Position:  Reading Specialist Teacher 

All job descriptions of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church and School include the belief that the Lord has called us to our position and we are to serve as His servant in accordance with the mission of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church and School.


  • Bachelor Degree in Education and classroom experience


The position of the Reading Specialist is to provide support for students who are not meeting or who are beyond the expectations of their grade level and to collaborate with the classroom teacher in achieving consistency and effectiveness in our reading program.



  • Initial – to determine reading level, strengths/weaknesses, best interventions
  • Daily – to monitor success of current plan, formulate next instruction
  • Quarterly – to track progress, report to parents/teachers
  • Planning:
    • Based on individual needs, formal & informal assessments, research
    • Changes frequently (daily) to adapt to demonstrated needs, and gaps
    • Must include needs of all in small group, which is not always homogenous
    • Incorporates knowledge of bank of resources and ability to match with needs
  • Instruction:
    • Based on knowledge of developmentally appropriate learning patterns
    • Incorporates all aspects of reading; requires ability to understand connections and remediate deficiencies
    • Designed for logical sequence of reading acquisition
    • Constantly reformulated based on assessment of student’s learning
    • Flexibly based; if one method is unsuccessful, must be able to operate in multiple modalities
    • Includes knowledge of multiple intelligences and learning styles and ability to incorporate these to match student’ needs
  • Communication
    • Teachers – regularly, to coordinate skills & lessons, report progress, compare insights, prioritize scheduling
    • Parents – written quarterly reports, email conversations, requests for interim progress updates, coordination between parents/teachers, explanation of IEP results
    • IEP Teams – completing forms, attending meetings, follow-ups
    • Red Folders – beginning and end of year updates, quarterly reports filed, lists prepared for teachers of student accommodations
  • Scheduling:
    • Working with teachers to accommodate their routines and core classes
    • Constant revisions throughout the year as students are added/dismissed
    • Student Support Assistant scheduling
  • Standardized Testing:
    • Stanford/OLSAT – ordering, intake, counting, delivering materials
    • Proctoring individual student testing/makeup tests
    • STAR Reading – monitoring results, giving individual testing

 Working Relationships:

  • Responsible for:  Students and parents
  • Responsible to:  Principal and ultimately the Voting Membership of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church
  • Works closely with:  Principal,  and teachers, and Counselor.