St. Paul's recognizes that in order for children to learn effectively, a safe and orderly environment is necessary along with quality instruction. Choosing to follow rules and learning to accept and share forgiveness is an important part of the Christian Life. Our discipline policy is based on being held accountable for choices that are made. Our teachers structure a discipline plan that has 3-5 positively stated rules along with positive consequences for choosing to follow the rules and negative consequences for choosing not to follow them. The rules and expectations are explained to the students and parents at the beginning of the school year.

Positive and negative behaviors are recorded by the teacher and consequences or awards are given according to the discipline plan.  When rules are followed, teachers have a variety of ways of rewarding both individual students and the entire class. More details are available in the family handbook and from the teachers at the beginning of the school year. St. Paul's Lutheran School does not practice corporal punishment. Our goal is to teach students to make positive choices, be accountable for poor choices and live under God's grace and forgiveness.