Counseling Program

St. Paul's Counselors

Grades K-8th: Amelia Noemer, M. Ed. in School Counseling

Welcome back!  Your school counselor this year is Mrs. Amelia Noemer. She will be working with all grade levels and will be available Monday through Friday.

All of our students are welcome and invited to work with Mrs. Noemer so that she may assist them with their emotional, social and academic success.  This includes concerns with test taking, anger, friendships, and decision making.  She will meet with students individually, in small groups or in the classroom as a large group.

Students can be referred to Mrs. Noemer through their teachers, parents, themselves, and even by their friends.  Information shared with the counselor is kept confidential, unless a student intends to harm themselves or another.  If the problem is ongoing, the counselor will notify the parents.

Please feel free to contact Mrs. Noemer at any time concerning your child, or your family as a whole.  She has access to a plethora of resources and will do her best to serve you and your family.

- Mrs. Noemer

Counseling Program

St. Paul's offers a comprehensive guidance program for all students to promote and enhance student achievement. Our guidance curriculum enables us to work with every student in the classroom on a monthly basis, as well as meet the needs of students through small group counseling and on an individual basis.

With two professional counselors on staff that bring unique qualifications and skills we are able to provide effective safeguarding of our children through preventative and developmental counseling. Together, we are also able to collaborate with teachers, parents and students to address academic, personal/social and career development needs and maximize achievement.

St. Paul's lends itself to the community and enables the students to become involved in philanthropic activities such as fundraising, volunteering, and peer helping.

Some Counseling programs offered at St. Paul's for students include:

  • Peer Mediation
  • Character Development
  • Divorce

Some Programs offered for parents include:

  • Healthy Families
  • Effective Discipline
  • School Transitions

Programs offered within the community:

  • Breast Cancer/Leukemia Awareness
  • Divorce Intervention
  • Career Outreach