Financial Information and Rates

St. Paul’s Lutheran Church has made a commitment to provide a Christ-centered, quality education for the children of the congregation and the community. The tuition and fees paid by the parents cover the salaries, benefits, school supplies, and a portion of property costs. Additional operating costs are met through fundraising and congregational support. St. Paul’s Lutheran School is a ministry of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church.

Application Fee (Non-refundable)

P3 - 8th$50

Enrollment Fee (Non-refundable)

P3 - 8th $300

STEM Fee (Non-refundable)

K - 5th
6th - 8th

The Application fee is due at the time you submit you application to St. Paul's Lutheran School. Once acceptance has been finalized, your enrollment fee will be due when your enrollment forms are submitted electronically to the schoolThe STEM fee is payable with at the time your tuition agreement is finalized.

Annual Activity Fee*

P3 & P4$50
Kindergarten $100
First through Third Grade$100
Fourth through Seventh Grade$150
Eighth Grade$400
*Activity fees are added into yearly tuition
*Activity fees include field trip costs, class party funds and costs for assemblies. Eighth grade activity fees include the previous items. plus the cost for Black Rock Retreat and Graduation.

Fee Rates 2019-2020


Tuition for Child in Highest Grade

Tuition You Pay for Additional Children

P3 –2 days



P3 –3 days



P3 –5 days



Grade P4






Grades 1-5



Grade 6-8**



**Middle School Elective Fees:  Some electives require a fee.

Tuition Assistance

Tuition Assistance is available for grades K – 8.  The application includes two parts: Part I is a questionnaire and Part II which is an online application. Both pieces should be completed in order to be considered for tuition assistance.

Boost Scholarship (Maryland Department of Education)

A Maryland State Scholarship program designed to help parents afford non-public school tuition for students in K to 8th grade is available. St. Paul’s will send parents the directions to apply for the BOOST scholarship, after their application to St. Paul’s is accepted.

Family Referral Incentive

The Family Referral Incentive is offered to current families, who refer a new Kindergarten through 8th grade student to St. Paul’s Lutheran School.

  • The new student must apply, be accepted, and enroll into the school.
  • The referred student and family are considered to be in good standing

The available incentive is $500 for each Kindergarten through 8th grade referral. 

This incentive will be applied quarterly to the current family’s upcoming school year tuition.

Scrip Card Incentive

The Scrip Card incentive is offered to all families. The percentage earned from Scrip cards purchased through St. Paul’s will be applied to your tuition costs.

  • Purchase Gift Cards through St. Paul’s Scrip Program, physical cards or e-cards.
  • You receive full value on the card you purchased.
  • Each vendor offers a different percentage back, so the amount you earn depends on the rebate percentage.
  • 80% of the rebate that is earned is applied to your tuition, 20% goes back to the school to cover any costs.
  • Earnings will be applied quarterly to your 2018-2019 school year tuition.

Stay with SPLS Program Level Incentive

The Stay with SPLS Program Level Incentive is offered to re-enrolling families only with rising Kindergartners or Sixth Graders for the 2020-2021 school year.

  • Re-Enrolling student entering grades Kindergarten or Sixth grade will be given a one-time discount on 2020-2021 school year tuition cost of $500.
  • Student must be re-enrolled by January 31st, 2020 in order to qualify for the discount.