The curriculum of St. Paul's Lutheran School is integrated into the Christian framework to prepare children to live integrated Christian lives.

The curriculum is approved by and meets or exceeds the standards of the Maryland State Department of Education. The Early Childhood program (3 year olds and 4 year olds) are taught in self-contained classrooms. Kindergarten is also taught in a self-contained classroom. Limited departmentalization occurs in the Elementary grades 1-5. The Middle School grades (6-8) are departmentalized.

In the following curricular areas we strive for excellence in education as we integrate the teaching of faith in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. A child can learn to serve God and humanity by understanding that he or she is a child of God and that our Heavenly Father desires that we become all that we can be on the earth.

The entire curriculum is evaluated on a rotating schedule of 5 to 7 years. Children receive a thorough education in the following areas:

Religion: Teachings of Scripture applied to life, Bible history and interpretation, Scripture memorization. Students are encouraged to respond to the love of Christ through faith in Him and service to others. Confirmation instruction for 7th and 8th grades is offered during the school day for those who desire church membership.

Language Arts: Reading (phonics, comprehension, fluency vocabulary), creative and functional writing, literature, English, spelling, and handwriting.

Mathematics: Math concepts and processes, numbers, geometry, statistics, metrics, and problem solving. Middle school level includes Pre-Algebra and Algebra I.

Social Studies: World geography, American and World history, Civics, Economics, Current Events and Map Skills.

Science: Texts and experiments to develop concepts and skills in the life, earth, and physical sciences. 

Fine Arts: Music, Art, Drama, Choir, and Instrumental Mmusic. Grades 1, 2, and 3 participate in a weekly choir. Students in grades 4 - 8 may chose to participate in a weekly choir.

Physical Education: Physical fitness, health, human sexuality, athletics, fundamentals of sports, and exercises. PE is an integral part of our program and considered equally as important as academic studies.

Technology: Children in grades K through 8 will learn skills in the following areas: MS Word/Google Docs, MS PowerPoint/Google Slides/ MS Excel/Google Sheets, Google Drive, Gmail and Internet. All classrooms are equipped with Smart Boards.

Foreign Language: Students in grades 6 through 8 receive a comprehensive program instruction in Spanish, preparing them for high school.

Curriculum studies are done by the faculty in order to continually evaluate and improve the curriculum.