Middle School

Middle School Curriculum

The Middle School program involves Grades 6 through 8. This age is considered to be one of the most critical times in the development of a child. St. Paul's offers a nurturing, safe, Christian, and academically oriented environment for Middle School students. 

The curriculum provided for these grades includes religion, language arts, math, science, social studies, keyboard, and computer. Spanish, soccer, martial arts, home economics, band, art, and other opportunities are offered as electives. Basic core classes are offered in 90 minute blocks, but not necessarily every day of the week. Middle School students may also participate in student government. The staff works together as a team to offer a responsive middle school curriculum to today's early adolescent.

St. Paul's Lutheran School provides classes in grades 6-8 with a maximum of 25 students per grade.* The class hours are 8:15 AM to 3:15 PM.

All Middle School applicants will be required to complete a screening process.

The Middle School is departmentalized. It includes instruction in Religion (Old and New Testement Studies) English (Literature, Composition,Vocabulary Development), Mathematics (General, Pre-Algebra, Algebra), Social Studies (American History, World History, Geography), and Science (Life, Earth, Physical).  New to our Computer Curriculum at the middle school level is the integration of STEM classes through Project Lead The Way's Gateway Program in Design & Motion and Automation & Robotics.  PLTW Gateway courses are designed to complement math and science courses, but also align themselves with the standards in Language Arts.

Middle School offers electives in P.E. ( Such as: Soccer, Tennis and Fitness, and  Martial Arts), Home Economics (cooking and sewing), Spanish, Art, and Robotics. Additional  elective opportunities are available.

* Class size may be exceeded if all State Regulations are met.