Middle School Uniforms

Middle School Uniform Information

GRADES K THROUGH 8 are required to purchase all uniforms from Flynn O'Hara in Glen Burnie. Only items approved by St. Paul's may be purchased at Flynn O'Hara:


  • Kilt - Blackwatch Plaid with Polo
  • Skort - Navy with embroidery with Polo
  • Shorts - Navy or Khaki with Polo (Shorts can only be worn during August, September, October, April, May, June)
  • Slacks - Navy or Khaki with Polo


  • Pants - Double Knee - Navy or Khaki with Polo or Turtleneck shirt
  • Shorts - Navy or Khaki with Polo or Turtleneck shirt (Shorts can be worn only August, September, October, April, May, June)

Boys and Girls

  • Polo - All Polo Shirts are White or Navy

White, black, navy, or beige socks must be worn and must be visible

Shoes must be tennis shoes that are at least 90% white or 90% black or black and white (No Novelty Shoes-i.e. lights, etc.). Shoes must be tied securely.All shoes must be considered safe for school activities by the administration.

Sperry Shoes are allowed for Middle School Students ONLY and must be purchased through Flynn O'Hara.

Head coverings or hats of any kind are not permitted. Students' hair should be styled in an appropriate manner and should be a normal hair color. Jewelry is limited to one bracelet per arm, earrings in ears only (limit two per ear), and one ring per appropriate ring finger (ring finger and little finger). Earrings should be the post-type (not dangling) for safety reasons. One post earring is allowed for boys in Middle School only. No tattoos or body piercings are permitted.

Make-up is discouraged for Middle School students. If make-up is used, it should be used moderately and in good taste. All make-up, including fingernail polish, should be a normal color and applied appropriately, (i.e. black nail polish would not be considered normal and having each nail a different color would not be an appropriate application).

The above uniform descriptions make up our uniform code. However, any attire, adornment, or anything worn, displayed, or brought to school that causes a disruption to the learning process in the opinion of the faculty and/or the administration will not be allowed.