Early Childhood Uniforms

Early Childhood Uniform Information

No specific uniform is required for children in the Early Childhood program.  However, it is important that parents observe the following guidelines:

  • Make sure children can manage all parts of their clothing when using the restroom.(Avoid difficult belts, buckles, overalls, and body suits)
  • Children should wear rubber soled shoes; Velcro if they cannot tie shoe laces.
  • No sandals, hard soled shoes, flip flops, or open toe or open back shoes.
  • Girls should avoid heels with any height as a safety precaution.
  • During hot weather, remember that rooms are air conditioned and a sweater or some other piece of clothing that can "add a layer" would be helpful.
  • Children will be going outside unless it is raining or severely cold.  Please send head coverings, gloves, and appropriate coats.
  • Avoid jewelry that then becomes a toy or distraction while at school.
  • Earrings are to be the post-type only and for girls only.
  • Shoes or other articles of clothing with lights or other battery-operated parts are not allowed.
  • No novelty items.