Consecration Sunday is Coming!

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Catie Rider
Church Office Administrator
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Saturday, October 6th at 5 PM, and Sunday, October 7th at 8 and 10:30 AM

Mark that date on your calendar as a time of spiritual growth, fellowship, and commitment here at St. Paul’s. October 7th will be “Consecration Sunday,” the culmination of a biblically based stewardship education and commitment emphasis called Consecrated Stewards that focuses on raising people in Christian discipleship, not just raising money for the work of the church.

To understand the Consecrated Stewards approach, you need to know it is based on the biblical philosophy of the need of the giver to give for his or her own spiritual development, rather than on the need of the church to receive. It is not based on the budgetary needs of the church, but on the desire to have each person grow in discipleship. Opportunity for growth in discipleship will take place during the Bible Studies and worship services between September 15th through October 7th.

  • The personal witness of some of our members.
  • Encouragement and resources for prayer.
  • Celebration of the various ministries of our congregation.
  • A series of Bible studies called “Consecrated Lord to Thee” will be offered on Wednesdays at 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. , starting September 12th in the Resource Room, and on Sunday mornings at 9:15 a.m. , starting September 16th in the Low Ceiling area.   There will be a special Bible study on September 30th, at 9:15 a.m., led by Steve Heemann, Director of Finance and Stewardship within the SED, and Vice President for the Lutheran Church Extension Fund.  We will also have Rev. Bob Mordhorst as our special guest proclaimer for all Consecration Sunday services. 
  • Consecration Sunday activities on October 6th and 7th include:
    • Opportunity to make a faith-based commitment during each worship service.
    • A special fellowship and Celebration Brunch on Sunday at noon for all of the St. Paul’s family.

The encouragement to commitment on Consecration Sunday takes place within the context of the worship service. Rev. Mordhorst will conduct a brief period of instruction and inspiration, and then ask our attendees and members to respond to God’s leading through a financial commitment that will enable our church’s missionary, benevolent, and educational ministries in this community and around the world.

Every attendee and member who completes a commitment card does so voluntarily by attending worship on Consecration Sunday. We also urge people to attend the service and brunch, even if they feel strongly opposed to completing a card. The procedure is done in such a way that no one feels personal embarrassment if he or she chooses not to fill out a card. Consecrated Stewards works with people where they are, and when they are ready. Members make their commitments as a confidential act of worship.

We will do no home solicitation to ask people to complete cards. Since we will make no follow-up visits to ask people to complete their cards, we will make every effort to inform, inspire, and commit everyone to attend Consecration Sunday worship. Thanks in advance for your enthusiastic participation in our Consecrated Stewards events.

Susan Hayward, President