Fall Sermon Series Beginning September 10

small photo of John Warther
Rev. Dr. John Warther
Associate Pastor
1 min read

“It’s Still All about Jesus!”

Back in 1517, Martin Luther began to question some of the church’s teachings.  What was his premise?  It was all about Jesus.  Five hundred years later, no matter what anyone suggests, claims, or says, it is “still all about Jesus.”  During the next two months, we will look at some Gospel readings and what they teach us that we never forget, no matter what anyone claims.

September 10 – “Still All about Jesus:  Love” Matthew 18:1–20

September 17 – “Still All about Jesus:  Mercy” Matthew 18:21–35

September 24 – “Still All about Jesus:  Generosity” Matthew 20:1–16

October 1 – “Still All about Jesus:  Authority” Matthew 21:23–32

October 8 – “Still All about Jesus:  Justice” Matthew 21:33–46

October 15 – “Still All about Jesus:  Choice” Matthew 22:1–14

October 22 – “Still All about Jesus:  Truth” Matthew 22:15–22

October 29 – “Still All about Jesus:  Grace” John 8:31–36 and Matthew 11:12–19 Reformation Day