Events and Activities

To keep up to date on all youth events and activities, make sure you're subscribed to the main calendar's RSS feed on the home page!  It'll keep you up to speed on everything going on at St. Paul's (including our youth group stuff).

Youth Planning Meetings

Parents and Adult Volunteers and are encouraged to join us for Youth Board Meetings to share ideas for activities. If you would like to attend S.P.Y. Adult Leader Meetings or become more involved, please contact Joseph Hope-Hull at  We look forward to meeting with you, sharing your ideas, and helping you coordinate an activity for our youth!

Boring Legal Stuff

All youth must fill out an Activity Participation Agreement and Emergency Data Card in order to participate in St. Paul's Youth Activities.  These are just so we have an emergency contact in case something happens and so our adults are aware of things like allergies.

Off-site events may require a special Activity Participation Agreement. 

The world we live in can be scary, and unfortunately there are people who try to take advantage of trust and innocence.  To help protect our students, all adults involved in youth activities must complete a volunteer packet.  Anyone over the age of 18 who isn't a student counts as an adult, but we do split them into two groups: Young Adult Volunteers are those under 25 years of age and are legally unable to drive for youth events; those over 25 are Adult Volunteers.

The packet is divided into 4 parts: the first part has information you need to know about our policies and guidelines here at St. Paul's.  The middle (the three pages titled Background Check Authorization and the Volunteer/Staff Emergency Form) is what we need filled out and returned to our Business Office, allowing us to run the background check.  The next page is the driver information form, followed by some sample/example forms commonly used here in our office.  Those you can hold onto for your reference.

You can find a downloadable PDF version of the packet below.

It sounds really confusing, I know.  Don't panic, though!  If you have questions or concerns don't hesitate to email us through the youth group box.


NOTE: Background checks are conducted on all individuals interested in volunteering in any ministry involving children or youth.